As a New Semester Begins, TDP Seeks New Volunteers

Last week on February 9, the Social Awareness Projects (TDP) student organization held its first meeting for this semester, welcoming new members and introducing them to the group's ongoing volunteer projects.

With the motto "What about being part of the solution, not the problem?" in mind, the Social Awareness Projects (TDP/Toplumsal Duyarlılık Projeleri) student organization is continuing to conduct community service activities. Although the new academic semester has just started, the organization's members have wasted no time in getting to work on their numerous projects, as well as holding events for new volunteers.

TDP has contributed to community improvement for thirteen years now. The organization undertakes service projects in the hope of changing individuals' lives for the better, bringing together people from various parts of society for a common purpose, raising awareness and sensitivity, and making a difference in society. Basing its activities on the principles of voluntarism, impartiality, respect for differences, social benefit and teamwork, TDP currently has fourteen projects and three organizational resource groups in which new volunteers, too, can participate this semester.

These are: the Voluntary Teaching Project (Gönüllü Eğitim Projesi); the Children's Protective Institution Project (Yarınları Yetiştirme Projesi); the Nursing Homes Project (Manevi Evlat Projesi); the Sun Rises from the Village Project (Güneş Köyden Doğuyor); the Education for the Blind Project (Görme Engelliler Eğitim Projesi); the Railway Line Support Project (Demiryolu Hattı Destek Projesi); Hearts: 1, Leukemia: 0 (Kalpler: 1 Lösemi: 0); the International Project Group (Uluslararası Proje Grubu); the Young Vision Project (Genç Bakış Projesi); the Citizens of Hope Project (Umudun Yurttaşları Projesi); the University Personnel Support Project (Üniversite Personeline Destek Projesi); the Street Lamp Project (Sokak Lambası Projesi); the Computer Training Project (Bilgisayar Eğitim Projesi); the Youth Band (Gençlik Kumpanyası); the Education Group (Eğitim Grubu); the Communication and Organization Group (İletişim Organizasyon Grubu); and the Media and Archives Group (Basın-Yayın-Arşiv Grubu).

TDP thanks its current volunteers for their efforts and contributions, and would also like to see you volunteering on one of its projects. If you want to be the part of the solution, you can contact the

TDP coordinators to learn more:

Sinem Meleknur Sertel

Ceren Bahar Yılmaz

For more information about the TDP family, its projects and groups, and recent and upcoming activities, you may also visit: