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Volume 5, Number 11
30 November 1998

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Dear Editor

Whenever I use buses going to and from Shhiye, they come at least 10 minutes late. On the other hand, the rainy and snowy days are close ahead and the students using the Shhiye buses will be subject to the direct rain and snowfall because there is no shelter at the Shhiye bus stop.

Also, concerning the traffic jams during rush hours, the company sends a bus to the Tunus stop at Bilkent as early as 5 p.m. I wonder why the people using the Shhiye buses do not deserve better treatment. I hope the administration will regulate these issues in a more fair fashion.

(Mutlu alkan HIST-V)

Editor's Note

Transportation Services Manager Sinan am explained that the buses from Shhiye or Tunus to Bilkent may be five to seven minutes late occasionally due to traffic backups. It is a problem at Shhiye that there isn't a covered bus stop. However, this is a municipal policy. Nonetheless, he will continue to try to convince the authorities to allow a covered bus stop there.

As for the fairness of the Tunus and Shhiye bus services, the only difference is that the demand for the Tunus route is nearly double that of Shhiye, so that on average one Tunus bus becomes full at 5:15 while a Shhiye bus is full at 5:32. am says that is why you think there is a difference in the way riders on each route are treated.

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