Volume 5, Number 11
30 November 1998

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Fellowship Established for Mathematics Department

An annual fellowship of $5,000 has been endowed at the Mathematics Department in the Faculty of Science by Bilsel Alisbah, son of the late Professor Orhan Alisbah. Bilsel Alisbah is a Senior Lecturer at Bilkent's Faculty of Business Administration.

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Invitation to Poetry Lovers
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Come join an evening of poetry with Bülent Ecevit. Ayten Gökçer and Cüneyt Gökçer will recite poems by Ecevit. In addition, Bülent Ecevit will talk about poetry and read some of his poems.

The event, which will take place at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts Wednesday, December 2, at 8 p.m., is part of the celebration of the establishment of Bilkent's Department of Turkish Literature and the Turkish Literature Center.

For more information call ext. 2711 or e-mail turkedeb@bilkent.edu.tr.

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Graduate Student Reasearchers Honored

Bilkent University will celebrate Teachers' Day (November 24) with a program including a panel discussion on Wednesday, November 25, at FEASS C-Block Auditorium. The program will start at 2:30 p.m. and Rector Ali Doğramacı will make the opening remarks.

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Poetry Contest Winners Receive Awards on Teachers' Day

The winners of the poetry contest on the Republic and Atatürk were recognized before the panel organized to celebrate Teachers' Day on November 25. The three students who were granted the first three prizes were Naim Tolga Buluttekin (IE-IV) 1st prize, Yıldız Arabacı (FMPA-Prep) 2nd prize; and Cihangir Tekcan (POLS-III) 3rd prize.

The head of the Board of Education, Orhan Özalp, joined the Rector in giving the winners their checks and plates of recognition. The Teachers' Day Panel was on Teacher Education and Teacher Training in the 75th Anniversary of the Republic.

First place carried a prize of 100 million TL, second received 75 million TL, and third place 50 million TL.

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Bilkent drivers are strongly advised to get chains for their vehicles' tires if they do not already have them. Snowy days are just around the corner and using the chains will improve traction and help keep roads clear.

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