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Volume 5, Number 12
7 December 1998

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Dear Editor

I am writing to complain about the conditions at Küçük Durak, (the Little Bus Stop) the bus stop on the Main Bilkent Road located above the road to Middle Campus and below the covered bus stop serving the apartments in the lower section of the Main Campus.

There is always somebody waiting there every hour of the day and night during every season of the year. Imagine passengers, sometimes with children, waiting on the main Bilkent Road watching every kind of vehicle - minibuses, cars, heavily loaded lorries - speeding by leaving behind all of those poisonous exhaust fumes.

The regular bus service usually takes it for granted that the following bus driver will pick up passengers waiting at Küçük Durak. This is the usual attitude of bus drivers.

On November 17 at 3:40 p.m., two Sıhhiye buses passed me by and I was left waiting at Küçük Durak. I had to hire a taxi for 350,000 TL to take me to the responsible bus company, Seda Turism, which transports passengers to Sıhhiye. I was not reimbursed for my expense, but was given a ride to my destination. I am sure many other individuals who have waited at Küçük Durak have similar stories.

Passengers of Sıhhiye or Tunus buses: Help those of us waiting at Küçük Durak! Point us out to the bus driver and tell him to stop if there are any seats on the bus!

(Meryem Kırımlı IR-IX)

Dear Editor

We are accustomed to smelling cigarette smoke in the 78th Dorm's TV rooms, but it was really surprising for us to smell the same smoke in the study rooms. Despite signs indicating that smoking is prohibited in those rooms, some people do not care and insist on smoking. We just want to draw the attention of those who are concerned about this annoying situation.

(Çağrı Haksöz IE-IV,
Adem Tok IE-IV)

Dear Editor

Time management is a very important thing and, in my opinion, universities must teach students to manage their time. Last year Bilkent printed an academic planner. It was useful for the students. This year I found out at Meteksan that the planner is not available this year. I can't understand why we don't have such a useful item. It would be great if we could continue the tradition of providing planners.

(Nurdane Mumcu-Oz,
Turkish Teaching Unit.)

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