Volume 5, Number 13
14 December 1998

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New Philosophy Classes Get Rave Reviews

"I like this course and this instructor the most this semester - you learn philosophies you can use in speech, debate, and analysis, and you can see the improvement in your arguments and thinking," says Süleyman Arı, a third year International Relations student.

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Dorms to Get Pool Tables
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Chalk up your cue stick and get ready to rack 'em up - free pool is coming soon to a Bilkent dormitory near you!

During the next few weeks, several full-size pool tables will be moved into male and female dorms across East and Main campuses. Tentative East Campus locations are dorms 91 and 92; tentative Main Campus locations are dorms 75, 76, 77, and 78. Once the tables are in place, students will be able to get cues, racks, and balls at the front desk of each dormitory.

Pool anyone?

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Erdil and Gürel First Alisbah Math Fellows

In a ceremony marking the establishment of the "Orhan Alisbah Fellowship" in Bilkent's Mathematics Department, graduate student Burak Gürel and fourth year undergraduate student Aytek Erdil were named the first recepients of the awards, which provide $3,000 to an outstanding graduate student and $2,000 to an outstanding undergraduate student as determined by a committee chaired by Science Faculty Dean Hasan Erten.

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Reader Notice

The last issue of Bilkent News before the winter break will appear Monday, December 21.

Any news you want to share with the Bilkent community before next semester needs to be handed in now!

Contestants Receive Awards At Republic Panel
And the winner is a girlfriend of the web designer who did this site

During the panel "From 1923 to Today: Different Perspectives on the Republic" the winners of the CD cover design on "Republic and Atatürk" and essays on "Democracy and Kemalist Thought" and "Atatürk and Modern Turkey" received their awards on December 10. For the CD cover, Duygu Taş (GRA-I) won first prize, Wojciech Gawelda (PHYS-IV) won second, and third prize went to Buğrahan Kocaboğa, (GRA-IV), who could not attend the ceremony due to illness.

For the essays, there were no first or second prize winners for "Democracy and Kemalist Thought." The third place winner was Aylin Kaya (ECON-I). "Atatürk and Modern Turkey" winners were Uğur Dönmez (SCHM-Prep) with first prize, N. Özgür Aydın (CS-I) with second, and third prize went to Engin Karabudak (CHEM-Prep).

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