Volume 5, Number 14
21 December 1998

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Prof. İhsan Doğramaci Receives Prize for Tolerance

At a ceremony held on December 19 in Vienna, Austria, Professor İhsan Doğramacı, the President of Bilkent University and the Chairman of its Board of Trustees, was awarded the Council of Europe Prize for Tolerance together with co-awardees Simon Wiesenthal, who received the Prize for Justice, and Franz Cardinal König, who received the Prize for Peace. The latter two are both citizens of Austria. The occasion was the Wiesenthal Conference on Sources of Hate, held from December 17 to 19 in honor of the 90th birthday of Mr. Wiesenthal. The event was held under the auspices of the Austrian Government and the City of Vienna and under the aegis of the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna.

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Assoc. Prof. Özbay Wins Simavi Award

Associate Professor Ekmel Özbay of the Physics Department has won the 1998 Sedat Simavi Foundation Science Award for his work on development of new technologies leading to the creation of photonic crystals with electromagnetic bandgaps at the infrared frequency bands. Photonic crystals are artificial smart materials through which one can control the interaction of light with matter. The utilization of these materials is expected to result in new semiconductor light sources for fiber optic communications, along with novel antennas that can be used within future generations of cellular hand phones.

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University Catalog on Sale

The 1998-1999 University Catalog has been published. It provides details about undergraduate and graduate programs and their curricula along with course descriptions and brief information about the academic staff. There is also a section on academic regulations and university facilities and services. Students are encouraged to get a copy because it will help them plan their academic schedules and will serve as a valuable reference in the future.

The catalog can be purchased at the Bookstore for 1 million TL.!

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