Volume 5, Number 17
8 February 1999

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Practice Restaurant Gets A+ from Tourism Minister

It was another ordinary occasion for the Tourism Schools' students to test their skills and knowledge on a distinguished person coming to lunch at the schools' Practice Restaurant as a guest of honor.

What was extraordinary was that the guest was the newly appointed Minister of Tourism Ahmet Tan. The Minister was invited to the Tourism Schools on Wednesday, February 2, to make the symbolic inaugural lecture for 1998-1999 Spring Semester following a five-star luncheon prepared and served by the students, who aspire to host many more guests of similar caliber during their future careers.

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Attention Students:
Don't forget that this Friday is the last day you can change your Spring Semester schedule by dropping or adding courses. Be sure to consult with your advisor before making any changes.

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Career Days to Bring Employers to Campus

On March 5, Bilkent will bring as many as 24 employers to campus to interview students for jobs and internships as part of a nine-hour Career Fair.

The Fair will take place between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. and leading domestic and international companies are expected to have stands in a 600 square meter space at the Main Campus Physical Education and Sports Center. Some 3,000 students are expected to take part in this excellent opportunity to find a job or internship.

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$125 Scholarships to be Raised to $130

Currently, undergraduate students receiving scholarships are paid $125 a month for nine months. Starting next academic year, this amount will be raised to $130. The university administration reported this raise to ÖSYM so it will be announced nationwide in the ÖSYM bulletins. The new rate of $130 a month will not only apply to incoming students, but to all scholarship students.

As before, the Engineering Faculty will admit 150 scholarship students and 150 non-scholarship students. Another piece of good news is that the Department of International Relations and Political Science & Public Administration has increased its scholarship quota by 100 percent. Formerly, these departments used to admit 10 scholarship students per year, this number has now been raised to 20.

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