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Volume 5, Number 6
19 October 1998

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Club News

Computer Club to Offer Classes

The Bilkent Computer Club will offer introductory courses on computers, the Internet, and UNIX in the Engineering Faculty BCC labs on Sunday, October 25, at 2 p.m.

All participants must register before Friday, October 23.

For details and registration call ext. 4365 or 7182.

You can also register at the Student Union Building.

BTK Wants You

Great Turkey Club (Büyük Türkiye Kulübü - BTK) will hold its first meeting on Monday, October 19 in the Student Union in room Z01 between 4 pm and 6 pm. To promote the greatness of Bilkent and Turkey, join our meeting.

Yeni Ufuklar to Help With Career

Have you considered what you will do after graduation? If you are a third year student or a senior, you know how dazzling the choices are and how hard it can be to pick just one. If you are struggling with decision-making, Yeni Ufuklar can help. On Wednesday, October 21, at 1:30 p.m. in the C Block Auditorium of the FEASS Building, the club has organized a panel discussion during which panelists will share how they decided what to do after they graduated. Panelists include Kürşat Aydoğan, the Dean of the Business Administration Faculty; Cihan Aktaş, a Bilkent graduate working as an assistant expert on competition with The Competition Authority; a master's degree student from Bilkent;and the marketing director of Goodyear.

See you all in the new horizons of Yeni Ufuklar.

(Pelin Borlu ECON-IV)

Diplomacy Club to Convene Model UN

Ever heard of the Model United Nations? If you haven't and want to learn more or have and want to get involved, the next Diplomacy Club meeting is Wednesday, October 21, at 5:40 p.m. in the video room of the Student Union Building. You'll learn more about the Model United Nations, a realistic simulation of the actual United Nations and other international crisis management bodies.

This activity is educating, engaging, and fun, and the Diplomacy Club's goal is to organize Model U.N. events at Bilkent. The meeting will be followed by refreshments.

(Özlem Ekmekçiler, IR-II)

ECON Club to Meet

If you want to learn more about economics, finances, and the stock markets, the Ekonomi ve Borsa Kulübü is the place for you. We are having a meeting on Thursday, October 22, at 5.30 p.m. in the video room at the Student Union. We will inform students about our activities and we will be glad to recruit new members.

For more information contact Abdullah Atacan at ext. 4828 or e-mail:

New Members Welcome!

Are you interested in representing Turkey? Do you want to participate and organize activities? Join to the newly established Türkiye Temsil ve Tanİtİm Kulübü (TTT). Our main goal is to contribute to inform others about Turkey. To do this we are planning to organize cultural trips, discussion forums, and other activities.

Everyone is welcome to our first meeting on Friday, November 23, at 6 p.m. in room Z01 at the Student Union.

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