Volume 5, Number 6
19 October 1998

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Associate Provost
Post Changes Hands

Dr. Güliz Ger of the Department of Management has been appointed Associate Provost for the Office of the Provost (Vice Rector for Academic Affairs). Dr. Ayhan Altıntaş of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering previously held the post.

Associate Professor Güliz GerDr. Ger earned her PhD in marketing at Northwestern University in 1985. She specialises in consumer behaviour and marketing research.

We congratulate Dr. Ger on her new position and thank Dr. Altıntaş for his many years of dedicated and valuable services with the Provost's Office.

Republic Ball Approaches
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As part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations of the Republic, the Student Development and Cultural Activities Center of the Dean of Students Office and the 75th Anniversary Celebration Committee has organized a "Republic Ball" for Thursday, October 29, at Bilkent Hotel. Tickets are 5 million TL per person, subsidized by the University. It is a formal event and the food, drink, and music will be very special.

Atatürk greeted by the ınvıtees at a Republıc Ball

All Bilkent community members are welcome to join in celebrating this historic night. The tickets will be available through the faculty secretaries, secretaries of directors, the Student Union, and the Office of Vice Rector Professor Ümit Berkman. Call the Dean of Students Office at ext. 2371 or 2372 for reservations.

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Dr. Özaktaş Receives Award

Associate Professor Haldun ÖzaktaşAssociate Professor Haldun Özaktaş in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has been awarded the 1998 International Prize in Optics jointly with David Mendlovic of Tel Aviv University. The two received the award "in recognition of their contributions to several areas related to optical information processing and particularly for their joint efforts in development of the Fractional Fourier Transform and its applications." The award is given once a year by ICO, the International Commission for Optics, to scientists who have made noteworthy contributions to optics or photonics, "measured chiefly by its impact on the field of optics generally, opening a new subfield or significantly expanding an established subfield in research or technology."

The award ceremony will take place at the ICO General Meeting in San Francisco in 1999. In addition, the German optics company Carl Zeiss will present the Ernst Abbe medal to the award recipients. The medal is named after one of the pioneers in the field of optics.

KAYİYEM to Guide Students

"I don't think it's too early. We'll be graduating in a little more than six months!" said fourth year public administration student Gizem Ünal. She was one of a crowd of students filling Mithat Çoruh Auditorium on Thursday afternoon to hear about how the Career Development and Placement Center can help them find a job for after graduation.

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Radio Bilkent
to Broadcast Concerts

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Radio Bilkent-Classic was not able to start broadcasting from TRT on October 15 as scheduled earlier last month due to some technical problems with TRT.

However, the good news is Radio Bilkent Student Management Board has approved an alternative suggestion made by Professor Ersin Onay, an Executive Committee member of Radio Bilkent. Prof. Ersin Onay volunteered to share the recordings of each BASSO concert with Radio Bilkent. As soon as a concert finishes, the entire performance will be broadcast. This is the first time ever BASSO concerts will be broadcast on Radio Bilkent.

Stay tuned to 106.7.

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