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Volume 5, Number 6
19 October 1998

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KAYİYEM to Guide Students
"I don't think it's too early. We'll be graduating in a little more than six months!" said fourth year public administration student Gizem Ünal. She was one of a crowd of students filling Mithat Çoruh Auditorium on Thursday afternoon to hear about how the Career Development and Placement Center can help them find a job for after graduation.

The auditorium was packed with like-minded seniors. "If you don't have the right connections, then you should definitely do things like this and be searching for employment on your own as well," said Kerim Kıvırcık, a fourth year banking and finance student.

"Graduation may seem a long time away, but now is the time to start searching for a job to ensure success," according to Career Development and Placement Center Coordinator, Yıldız Öztürk. "We need students to express interest now so we know how many need help and so we can explain to them how to follow through with our program." And the help available through the center is extensive. There are one-to-one counselling sessions for students unsure of what to do after graduation, interview practice sessions, CV writing workshops, and much more.

New last year and continuing this year are sessions for students interested in working for the government. The center has also expanded its services by opening a branch on East Campus in room RA-210 on the second floor of the Tourism Building. Başak Yamak and Ebru Arıkan, both fourth year Banking and Finance students, are looking forward to using the center's services. But the key is visiting the center now to sign up for help rather than waiting until spring. "Everyone should be concerned about this," said Gizem. "We are looking now because we are concerned about the amount of unemployment."

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