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Volume 6, Number 13
20 December 1999

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Help Available for Exam-Anxious
Exams are coming! Some students may already be making plans for what they will do after the exams, whereas others may be so nervous that they don't want to even contemplate what will happen afterwards. Bilkent News approached Sevda Sakarya, psychologist at the Student Counselling and Guidance Center, to find out more about 'exam anxiety.' According to Sevda Sakarya, not all anxiety is harmful. A certain amount of anxiety is known to increase performance, since it keeps people focused and better able to achieve their goals. When anxiety reaches high levels, however, it gives rise to stress which in turn can lead to adverse physical symptoms.

Exam anxiety often appears on the same day a student finds out the date of the exam. It may gradually increase to a level where symptoms like headaches, abdominal pain, perspiration, lack of sleep, and heart palpitations appear. Even though the student may be studying hard for the exam, he/she may feel quite nervous and distressed a couple of days before taking it. This means that they are experiencing anxiety at a much higher level than normal and are finding it hard to cope with. Students who experience this kind of anxiety may find themselves thinking constantly, "What if I receive a low mark?" This, of course, will potentially reduce their performance on the exam.

When anxiety strikes, students may feel powerless to fight it. However, there is help available. The Student Counselling and Guidance Center offers workshops and one-to-one professional counselling to help you reduce your anxiety to beneficial levels. "The exams do not wait,"Sevda says, "and since most students do not have the time to deal with the anxiety on their own, why not use the service at the center?"

All you need to do is go to the center and ask for a booklet to find out more about exam anxiety, or call ext. 1786 for information on exam anxiety workshops or for an individual appointment. Make anxiety work for you, not against you!

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