Volume 6, Number 13
20 December 1999

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Help Available for Exam-Anxious

Exams are coming! Some students may already be making plans for what they will do after the exams, whereas others may be so nervous that they don't want to even contemplate what will happen afterwards.

Bilkent News approached Sevda Sakarya, psychologist at the Student Counselling and Guidance Center, to find out more about 'exam anxiety.' According to Sevda Sakarya, not all anxiety is harmful. A certain amount of anxiety is known to increase performance, since it keeps people focused and better able to achieve their goals. When anxiety reaches high levels, however, it gives rise to stress which in turn can lead to adverse physical symptoms...

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Also in this issue:

Important Notice about Spring 2000 Registrations

Students who will be registering for the Spring 2000 semester are reminded to:

1) Find out the time of their appointments for the Online Registration from their departments or from the WEB,

2) Pick up "Spring 2000 Course Offerings"from their departments...

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Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health

If you are curious (or worried) about the potential health hazards of electromagnetic fields and waves produced by power lines, computer monitors, broadcast antennas, cellular phones, etc., you may be interested in reading the article, Günlük Hayatta Karşılaşılan Elektromanyetık Alanlar ve İnsan Sağlığı, recently presented by Haldun M. Özaktaş of the Department of Electrical Engineering at a national symposium on the subject...

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Computer Voice Program Developed For Visually Handicapped

The Bilkent University Computer Engineering Department has announced the release of a new computer program called "OKU", designed expressly for the use of visually handicapped people who speak Turkish. The OKU program is expected to provide them with further opportunities to use computers for research and course work...

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