Volume 6, Number 14
27 December 1999

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Exam Prep: A Strategic Approach

Exams are here, and though these certainly aren't the first (or last!) exams you've ever studied for, it might be helpful to review some strategies for making your study time more effective.

When to Study

  • Study difficult subjects first.
  • Avoid marathon study sessions.
  • Study during the time of day you're most alert.
  • Everyone is different, so draw up a realistic study plan based on your limits...

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    Quick - Thinking Student Saves Life

    Neslihan Demiran (VSTHS-II) used the CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training she received at Bilkent to save a woman's life on Sunday, December 5, at an amusement park in Mersin. Neslihan learned CPR, an artificial respiration technique, while taking THS 161 Health Studies, a single-credit course taught by Dr. Nuriye Örer at the Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Services.

    Neslihan recounts what happened. "A woman was lying on the ground in the middle of a crowd after having been carried off of one of the rides. Her husband was shouting for help, but no one knew what to do. A few people, assuming that she had fainted, suggested slapping her cheeks...

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  • Student Poet's Work Sees Print

    Selim Ferruh Adalı (IR-II) has just had his first volume of poetry, Yüzyıl Maymunu, published. The collection of 36 poems, which Selim began writing on Mother's Day of last year, are concerned with political issues, death, love, emotion, and many other things that have inspired him since. He says he enjoys writing because he can express himself better on paper.

    Selim was born in Bucharest and has spent his life travelling and living in places like Athens, Cairo, and Ankara because of his father's profession. When he first started writing poetry, he was unsure of how people would react to his poems (he says he wasn't the top student in his Turkish Literature classes). Fortunately, he received praise and encouragement from close friends and relatives, so he decided to continue writing.

    Selim's inspiration comes from things he experiences in daily life. For example, he wrote the poem Devler, Cüceler (The Giants, the Dwarfs) when he saw a dwarf puppet in a museum in Brussels. On another occasion, he stayed up until 5 o'clock in the morning and wrote 7 poems in a row! Writing poetry is not the only thing that he does well, however. The design on the front cover of his book, a monkey trying to hide his emotions with an iron mask, is his handiwork as well. In addition, he is interested in acting and theatre, and he wants to do research on the civilization of ancient Egypt, to which end he hopes to return to Cairo...

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