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Volume 6, Number 16
14 February 2000

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Students Open Theater Season with Miller Play
Third-year theater students at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts are putting on their first play, Bütün Oğullarım (All My Sons) by Arthur Miller on February 18, 23, 25.

Professor Cüneyt Gökçer (Chair of Performing Arts and the general arts director of the play) and Mr. Zurab Sıkharulıdze (director of the play) have combined their strong drama backgrounds and experience to stage this play. The students demonstrate a high level of excellence onstage-don't be surprised if you feel like you are one of the members of the family in the play!

Miller's play takes the audience back to the years after the Second World War. It concerns a family who has lost a son to the war. The play realistically portrays how denial, acceptance, and different emotions related to the loss of a son can affect the relationships of family and friends. Even if you have already seen Bütün Oğullarım before, you should still go and see the same play as directed by Zarub Sıkharulıdze. He says, "Each director interprets the same play differently. An interpretation reflects how a director sees the world. The actors and actresses become messengers between the director and the audience. They come up with creative ideas during the rehearsals and draw from their personality to add depth to their roles. The audience is presented with a team product when it watches the play."

Don't miss the third-year students launch their acting careers. For ticket information and reservations, call ext. 1775.

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