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Volume 6, Number 17
21 February 2000

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Build Self-Esteem in Workshop
Your feelings and thoughts about yourself exert a powerful influence on the achievement of your academic, social, and personal goals. The more positive feelings you have about yourself, the higher your self-esteem, and the more you will feel effective, productive, and capable.

Low self-esteem, on the other hand, can sabotage relationships, paralyze effort, and stall ambition. While it is true that most of us feel bad about ourselves from time to time, when we harbor a negative self-image the majority of the time, it is an indication that we need to develop a more realistic view of ourselves and improve our self-esteem.

Whatever the level of your self-esteem now, you can take positive steps to better it. Movement towards change is easier when you take advantage of available resources and help. The Student Development and Counseling Center is offering a workshop called "Assessing Yourself" as a possible first step in working towards an improved self-image.

Your participation in the workshop will be certified and thus a valuable addition to your CV.

The deadline for registration for the workshop is February 25, at the Student Development and Counseling Center on Main Campus. For further information, call ext. 1785 or 1786.

You will be surprised how valuable the session will be!

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