Volume 6, Number 17
21 February 2000

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Take Advantage of Career Days 2000

Emine Yeşil is a Bilkent University American Culture and Literature graduate who started working for Finansbank last year with the help of Career Days. During Career Days '99 she acquired first-hand information about the participating firms and applied to those that interested her. Subsequently, she received twelve offers of employment, one of them from Finansbank. She is now working in the company's Human Resources Department. Emine believes that Career Days is a very useful resource for Bilkent students, where they can network, talk to professionals in the field, and obtain valuable information about the business world. She recommends taking the opportunity to further one's career prospects during Career Days and says, "If you are well-prepared beforehand, you have the chance to impress company representatives just by going and talking to them. All students should attend the Career Fair as well as the company meetings in order to develop contacts with the firms."...

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Traffic Info Now on Web

Look for the new Traffic Committee Web Page at http://www.traffic.bilkent.edu.tr/. The site provides useful information for Bilkent drivers, such as where to get stickers, traffic rules at Bilkent University, the location of parking lots, or what to do in the case of an accident. The web page also serves as a convenient means of submitting your comments and suggestions to the committee regarding traffic at and around Bilkent University. We are looking forward to your active participation in these important safety issues...

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