Volume 6, Number 2
4 October 1999

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Bilkent Welcomes New Students

Bilkent welcomes 2500 new undergraduate and graduate students this year. A " Student Orientation Program" at the university was held for the incoming students between September 24-27. The program started with an opening speech bu Rector Ali Doğramacı and ended with an "under the stars" BASSO concert. The orientation included a series of programs to familarize the students with the university. Students also had a chance to participate in social activities such as a barbecue party and movie shows...

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From the Dean of Students

Dear Bilkent Students:
Firstly, may I congratulate you on your choice of Bilkent University. Your decision means that you have chosen to rise above the rest and participate in the scientific and creative excellence of Bilkent University...

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From the Student Union

Dear Friends,
Welcome to Bilkent! We are all very excited as we start a new academic year. It may feel a little odd to be a new student at a big university, but pretty sonn, you realize that Bilkent becomes an indispensable part of your life. As two work hard for your classes, you will make friends who will be with you throughout your tenure at Bilkent and beyond...

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Onur İşçi Wins NATO Tour Award

Onur İşçi, student of International Relations at FEASS, won a tour award in an essay writing competition with his article on "NATO-Turkey Relations on their 50th Anniversary." The competition was organized by NATO and the Turkish daily Milliyet.

Onur was one of the 10 students from various universities in Turkey who were awarded with a visit to NATO base, SHAPE, in Brussels, Belgium, between Sep 14-19...

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