Volume 6, Number 8
15 November 1999

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We are Shaken Again...

Bilkent Crews Rush to Quake Region for Rescue

Bilkent rescue crews hit the road immediately on Friday night to save lives as soon as they heard the earthquake was destructive in Düzce and Bolu.

It hit again! Hundreds of people were killed and over a thousand more were injured in a strong earthquake that shook northwestern Turkey Friday night. The new quake was strongly felt in Ankara as well as in other towns in Central Anatolia.

Bilkent University was among the first to mobilize relief efforts to the region. The first rescue crew that left Ankara at 9 p.m. Friday night included two ambulances, four doctors, and two nurses from the university Health Center. Tepe Group was in the crew taking an Hungarian Rescue Team along with them.

With the help of two rescue dogs, the Bilkent crew set out to work immediately to save lives from under the rubble. Relief efforts were said to be difficult because the local fire station had collapsed trapping a number of firefighters, and Kaynaşlı-Düzce was in flames as a result of toppled down coal or wood stoves at homes...

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