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Volume 7, Number 13
11 December 2000

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Bilkent Clubs Join European Youth Festival
Last week in Ankara, the second European Youth Festival brought together music, dance and theatre groups from Turkey and many other countries in Europe. Sponsored by Gençlik Servisleri Merkezi (the Youth Services Centre) and Gençlik Kültür Evi Derneği (the Youth Culture House Association),Bilkent students at the European Youth Festival the festival was attended by 13 Bilkent University clubs (Amerikan Futbol Kulübü, Çocuk Üşçiliğiyle Mücadele Kulübü, Ekonomi ve Endüstri Kulübü, Genç Girişimciler Kulübü, Havacılık Kulübü, İşletme ve Ekonomi Kulübü, Kulüp Pozitif, Müzik Kulübü, Tiyatro Kulübü, Yeni Ufuklar Kulübü, İnternet ve İnsan Kulübü, 40 Ambar Edebiyat Kulübü, Dost Kulübü), as well as Radio Bilkent.

The festival's main goal was to bring together youth organizations from across Europe so that they could share cultural, artistic, and social values, and establish cooperative ties for the future.

At the fair, Bilkent students manned a large, well-positioned booth, where they distributed university brochures and provided information about their clubs. They met with students from other universities and some even initiated intra-university teams,(e.g. Genç Girişimciler Kulübü) that they plan to develop further in the months to come.

Radio Bilkent broadcast live from the festival site and their music created a lively atmosphere. Of special note was a visit to Bilkent University's booth by Karen Fogg, Head of the Representation of the European Commission to Turkey, who talked with members of Çocuk İşçiliği Mücadele Kulübü (the Child Labour Avoidance Club) and expressed considerable interest in their goals.

Last year only two clubs from Bilkent University attended the European Youth Festival and the fact that 13 went to the latest festival reflects the commitment and support of the Student Union who were responsible for the exceptional turnout. This year the festival reached a broader mix of people than ever before, attracting attendees from 10 European countries and beyond.

Miray Akdağ (COMD/I)

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