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Volume 7, Number 2
25 September 2000

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Be a Traffic Angel
The Traffic Committee would like to remind students that a valid car sticker is required to enter the campuses and park in the designated student parking lots.

Distribution of this year's car stickers starts on Monday, September 25. Students must first clear all previous traffic obligations before applying for a new sticker. To get a sticker, students need to go to the Accounting Office (Main Campus, Engineering Building) and get a cash register receipt for 15,000,000 TL. They can then go to any of the following sticker distribution points:

* Main Campus, FEASS building,room Z-51, BUSEL building, room Z-29.
* East Campus, STHM/VSTHS building, security desk, VSCTOM building, ground floor security office. Please note that old car stickers will expire on Wednesday, November 1.

Also note:
* Pedestrians have the right of way at Bilkent. If drivers see a pedestrian at a marked crossing, they must come to a full stop.
* Speeding is the major cause of accidents. Please abide by the campus speed limit of 50 km/h, 30 km/h at intersections. There are radar checks on campus to enforce these speed limits.
* Park only in the designated parking lots. Use the newly-constructed parking lot on Main Campus near the FEASS Building or the lot behind the Sports Center which usually has free spaces.
*Abide by traffic signs and heed the warnings of security officers. While driving let's show the same courtesy and respect to people behind a steering wheel as we show them in person.

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