Volume 7, Number 2
25 September 2000

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Bilkent Welcomes Newcomers

The orientation for new students, to be held between September 26-28, is full of exciting activities and events. Newcomers will receive valuable information about the Student Union and clubs, departments, facilities and services at the university, and also have many opportunities to socialize with their peers. This year, the orientation will be a required course for newcomers under the code'GE 100 Orientation.' However, some of the activities (see below) will be open to all, so make a note of these upcoming events in your diary!

BASSO Classical Concert and Kerem Görsev Trio Jazz Concert:
On September 26 at 8 p.m. , Bilkent Symphony Orchestra (BASSO) will perform pieces from West Side Story by Bernstein, a Piano Concerto by Gershwin, a Polka by Strauss, Joplin's Ragtime, Farandole by Bizet, and Erkin's Köçekçe. Cana Gürman will be the soloist with Alfred Michourine conducting the orchestra...

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Innovative Graduate Program Starts Up

The new Graduate School of Education opened on Monday, September 18. The GSE is housed in the new building beside the Faculty of Science in the centre of Main Campus...

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Time to Celebrate Turkish Language

September 26 is the day to celebrate the birth of the Turkish language. This year, the university has organised a panel titled Geleceğe Yönelirken Türkçe: Dilimizde Bundan Sonra Değişmeler Nasıl Olmalı (how future changes in Turkish language should be made) with prominent personalities including novelist Prof. Erendiz Atasü, Mustafa Balbay, journalist and columnist of Cumhuriyet newspaper, Dr. Ali Cengizkan, poet and faculty member of METU, and Dr. Mustafa Şerif Onaran, poet and writer. The organizers are, Professor Talat Halman, Chair of the Department of Turkish Literature, and, Dr. Rasim Özyürek, Director of Training Programs for Regional Countries. Professor Halman will direct the panel and Dr. Özyürek will attend as a panelist...

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