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Volume 7, Number 2
25 September 2000

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Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,
Today, I saw a banner in front of the sports hall complimenting the success of Bilkent University students in inter-university sports events.

I am appalled to find out that Bilkent University endorses this ferocious form of brawling as a sport. A primitive fight, aimed at upsetting the nervous well-being of your opponent by direct physical assault; one where the ultimate victory is to give him a brain concussion, politely labeling it a knock-out.

I can't understand what place boxing can possibly have in an institution devoted to the healthy development of young people in body and spirit. This vicious form of fighting should be banned right away at Bilkent University, as all other brawls are.

Prof. Mustafa Pultar

Dear Editor,
Spaceship Not Necessary in Search for Extra-Terrestrials. Are you interested in searching for the E.T.? Try SETI@home!

SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. SETI@home runs on all platforms and can be used as a screensaver. The main idea of SETI@home is to use your computer's power when you are not using it.

Bilkent SETI@home group was founded on Oct. 15th 1999. Currently, we have 14 active members out of a total of 34, who have finished 7659 results in 11.61 CPU years. We still haven't reached our one-year goal of 10.000 results. We need more processing power! If you have a computer with an Internet connection (the internet connection will be used for only 5 minutes per 1 to 5 days) and are interested in this project, contact Sinan Avc or go to to download.

Sinan Avc (CS/III)

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