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Volume 7, Number 2
25 September 2000

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Be Quick for Self-Improvement Workshops
Do you feel like you need to improve your communication skills? Do you feel the need to develop assertiveness, or become better at managing your time? The Student Development and Counseling Center is again starting its workshops for students on many topics including effective communication and conflict resolution, coping with exam anxiety and negative emotions, career counseling, time-management, problem-solving, study skills, intimate relations as well as many others. Last year, the center reached about 25% of the total student population via seminars, workshops, individual and group counseling, and orientation programs.

The workshops and seminars offered are based on research conducted by the Student Development and Counseling Center of Bilkent University. Firstly, need assessment tests were performed between the years 1989-1992. In 1996, one-to-one inquiries with students in the dormitories were carried out in order to identify the specific and high-priority needs of the students. Later, the views of all academic staff on the possible needs of the students were sought. The psychologists, experienced in and knowledgeable of the needs of university adolescents - such as in the adaptation to a university life-style, and developing self-identity - evaluated the results, and responded with the current workshops and seminars. The programs have turned out to be popular with the students.

If you want to benefit from these services, make sure to contact the center on ext. 1785/1786. For further information, check the web site at

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