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Volume 7, Number 7
30 October 2000

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Student Union is Your Voice
Founded at the inception of the university, the Bilkent University Student Union aims to motivate students in cultural, social and sporting activities on campus; to participate in the administrative affairs of the university on behalf of the student body; and to represent Bilkent students in national and international events. The Student Union, for example, has played a significant role in the Spring Fest preparations, a traditional student festival that takes place in May, and been involved in international student festivals (e.g., in Norway), and international conferences (e.g., in Belgrade, Thessalonica and Stockholm), and organized events such as those to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic two years ago.

The new Student Union started its duties on September 18th, this year. The Union has been working on a number of new projects: setting up online submission forms (for club memberships and club activities), and preparing a Student Union database, to give two examples. The Union is also working on new projects related to transportation services and dormitories. On behalf of the students, and in keeping with its representational role, the Union also meets eminent personalities visiting Bilkent such as the Czech President a few weeks ago.

The Student Union intends to do its best in representing Bilkent students with respect the social and academic aspects of student life and providing them with a memorable year. The members and their duties this year are as follows: Buğrahan Atabay (President, CTT/IV): Coordination and Supervision; Yahya Halit Ünal (Secretary General, LAUD/IV): Financial Affairs and Budget; Alptekin Demiray (Vice President, IE/III): Student Clubs and Bilkent News; Cömert Aksakal (Vice President, AMER/IV): Representation of all departments; Berk Ergun (Vice President, THS/II): Projects and Activities and Committee of Traffic Affairs.

The Union intends to reach - and be available to - all students. You are just a phone call away (ext. 1337 and 1319).

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