Volume 7, Number 7
30 October 2000

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Bilkent's Atatürk Monument Unveiled on Republic Day

Sunshine greeted Bilkent's Atatürk Monument when it saw the light of day on October 29.

The impressive statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Turkish Republic, was unveiled by Prof. İhsan Doğramacı, founder of Bilkent. The monument, which stands six meters high, is the work of the prominent sculptor Prof. Hüseyin Gezer...

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Republic Day Concert Brings Joy

Hikmet Şimşek, one of the Republican-era musicians, conducted Bilkent Symphony Orchestra for the Republic Day Concert last week. The concert hall was at full capacity, with standing room only for some of the audience.Şimşek, at 76, has seen the growth of the new Republic, and shared his memories of the 10th anniversary, in 1933, and how the celebrations had lasted all night. He spoke of how Atatürk had entrusted the new Republic to the young; and then invited İbrahim Yazıcı, the young Choir Master, to conduct the Chorus for 10. Yıl Marşı (the 10th Year Anniversary Anthem)... Click, to read the whole text

Many Take Part in Republic Run

Last Saturday before noon, nearly 300 people, a crowd of runners, joggers, and walkers, gathered outside the East Campus Sports Hall for the run arranged to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey... Click, to read the whole text

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