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Volume 8, Number 12
December 11, 2001

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Help Children in Need, Be a Volunteer!

İbrahim Betil, Head of TEGV

   Bilkent News interviewed İbrahim Betil, Head of TEGV (Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation), who gave a seminar focusing on Professional Ethics to Bilkent students, at Prof. Haldun Özaktaş GE-301 Science, Technology, and Society course on December 5.
   The Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation, which has 70 Education Parks, Learning Centers and Mobile Learning Units throughout Turkey, is a leading foundation in respect to social responsibility issues in Turkey. They have 2 centers in Ankara, one, the Learning Center in Seyranbağları and the other is the Education Park in Etimesgut. Their activities are led mainly by volunteers, of which, 50% are university students. Their organization offers computer literacy programs and elementary school support programs to develop students thinking skills, which is considered to be of the utmost importance, and also sports, cultural and artistic activities. While focusing on their courses and success in their academic lives, all students should simultaneously spare some time for extra curricular social activities, which would assist them in improving their social skills. This would ultimately lead to a better society, says Betil and adds that, all employers seek students who are willing to volunteer their time to participate in such activities. Therefore, when applying for a job these qualifications would undoubtedly be a valuable asset.
    Our programs are implemented as a supplement to the children's schools. Our overall approach and what we offer in our Education Park and Learning Center, is to develop their curiosity of the world around them, through thought provoking questions, which lead them to do outside research gaining the ultimate answers for themselves. The main aim is to improve their self-confidence, self-discipline skills and creativity. All Bilkent students are more than welcome to participate in our education programs says Betil.
    The Education Park in Etimesgut, would definitely be an interesting experience for any volunteer. You can make a difference in the world of socio-economically underprivileged, 7-16 year old children, during their after school hours. Please feel free to visit the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation in Etimesgut or Seyranbağları whenever you have a chance or contact 244-8444 if you are interested in volunteering or just need more information. Please sit down and review your schedule to find out how much time you can spare for children truly in need! Remember that you would not only be a volunteer but a much needed role model. Still Waiting?Click, to go back to the contents of this issue

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