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Volume 8, Number 12
December 11, 2001

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Experience the Chinese Week at the Practice Restaurant

Practice Restaurant Menu

The menu for this week is listed below:

The Delicate Flavours of China

Chinese Rolls with Sesame Seeds and Vegetable Spring Rolls

Egg Drop Soup
Stir-fried Beef with Green Peppers

Sauteed Chicken Breast with Tomato Sauce

Lamb with Fresh Coriander

Ang Sho Hie
(Sweet and Sour Fish)

Stir-fried Vegetables
Oriental Fruit Basket 

  The students of Tourism and Hotel Management and Tourism and Hotel Services, who are taking the International Cuisine course, prepare and serve delicious meals for guests patronizing the Practice Restaurant under the supervision of their instructors Henk Kuchlein, the chief, and Frederick Smith.
  A typical daily menu offers starters, main course and deserts from a variety of international cuisines. Every week different types of cuisines can be experienced which are all cooked and served by students. Not only the cuisines but also the objective service styles change every week at the Practice Restaurant and the students strive to maintain the polite atmosphere expected in a 4 star restauraunt. "The guest is the king" says Mr.Smith, the service instructor, and adds that the students serve all guests considering the "First come, first served basis."
   If you would like to taste different kinds of meals by paying only 4 million TL, do not miss the menu being offered the following week. This week offers "The delicate flavours of China". The Practice Restaurant staff are looking forward to serving you! Call ext. 5002 to make a reservation in advance!

Miray Akdağ (COMD/II)




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