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Volume 8, Number 12
December 11, 2001

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A Week in the Golden City of Prague

   The Czech Republic has always been known for its artistic heritage and history. Above all, the capital city Prague is a significant European cultural center. Abounding in theatres, museums, galleries and exhibition halls, it also has an extremely large number of significant architectural buildings dating from various periods. Its historical town center has been included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Scientific Heritage list since 1992. Prague has been called for many years the city of a hundred spires, the golden city and described as one of Europe`s most beautiful capitals. For this reason, Bilkent University would like to give its students the opportunity to experience this by offering an Introduction to Art and Culture summer course in 2002. The course will cover four weeks, one of which will be given in the city of Prague.
   If you are interested in such an experience, please contact the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (ext. 1486) or the Dean of Summer School (ext. 2584).Click, to go back to the contents of this issue

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