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Volume 8, Number 21
2 April 2002

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Archeology Presents Two Day Outdoor Orientation Trip

On March 23 and 24, 2002, the Surveying Class of the Archeology department went to the mountains to accomplish some practical work during a two-day orientation walk. A 20 km track was planned with different tasks during which the students used GPS (Global Position Systems), compass and map reading skills.
Three groups started at separate locations and different times; although each therefore appeared to be completely alone. All three groups worked their way up to a 200 meter elevation along muddy banks and over the slippery stones of the Sazak, a stream which at this time of year is swollen with rain and snow runoff. Around 17.00 the groups, now wet, muddy and cold, reached the first rest area, surrounded by snow drifts. This served as their overnight camping spot, and preparations for the night were made: wood was collected, fires were lit in the few unlocked yayla houses, and tents were setup in the snow. Due to adverse weather conditions, however, the second part of the fieldtrip was aborted, and the shortest and easiest return route was chosen. This turned out to be a three-hour walk over forest roads with beautiful views of snow covered landscapes. By early afternoon everybody had returned to the teahouse in Yukarıçanlı where the bus was waiting to bring them back to the Main Campus of Bilkent University.
This trip is available to students and staff members campus wide. Groups must be at least 15-20 individuals. Snow or ice is not guaranteed! Preceding the trip, a four hour lecture covering basic map reading and compass usage is given to all participants. If you are interested in joining us please contact B. Claasz Coockson at ext. 2520.

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