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Volume 8, Number 21
2 April 2002

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Bilwrite Continues Workshops

Bilwrite, located in the Science Faculty building, B-block ground floor, helps students improve their English writing and presentation skills as well as exam taking strategies. During the spring semester Bilwrite started several workshops last week. The first workshop that took place on March 27 was on exam taking strategies with Zeynep Özek. The second of the 5 workshops will be on April 2 Tuesday between 2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m. and April 5 Friday between 10:40 a.m. - 12 a.m. in room H-232 with Ţenol Bezci on Oral Presentation skills. This workshop will focus on a number of areas such as content, organization and delivery, enabling students to get both theoretical input and practical tips for better presentations. Participants will be asked to prepare 2 to 3 minute presentations which will be used to illustrate the basics of a good presentation.
Besides these regularly held workshops on various topics, students may make arrangements for individual appointments for any type of essay or presentation during the duration of the semester. Görkem Bedir, a fourth year IE student, stated that she applied for graduate study in an American University recently and got some help on his “Statement of Purpose”. She describes this experience as: “There was a huge difference between the first essay I wrote and the final essay I sent to the universities. I want to thank all the people at Bilwrite for helping and I strongly advise all students at Bilkent to go there and take advantage of this great opportunity.”
We encourage you to make an appointment by phone (ext. 2652), or in person, and get help with your writing!

Ekin Pehlivan (IR/III)

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