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Volume 8, Number 21
2 April 2002

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Create Your Organic Garden

As you may recall from the previous issue of Bilkent News, Bilkenters are now being offered the opportunity to produce their own organically grown vegetables and flowers right here on campus. Bilkent News has now had a chance to interview Yıldız Öztürk Balamir from KAYİYEM, who has started her own garden.
“I was very pleased and excited when I found out about the project ‘Create Your Own Organic Paradise’.
I am very fond of gardening, so I decided to join this project. Since I spend more time at Bilkent than I do at home (I live in town), I believe working in the garden will help me relax after a hard-day’s work. I am also eager to experience the joy of planting and growing new seeds and flowers and to learn more about nature. The excitement of giving life to an organism and watching it grow is invaluable. Happiness is having something to look forward to”, says Balamir.
The program is open to all members of the university, including faculty, staff and students. 20 square meter plots are available for each person for leasing (50$ U.S.). The land designated for this project is in the valley between Main Campus and the Music Faculty, including the area right above the Bilkent Greenhouses.
For those who don’t know much about gardening, the Environmental Planning Department will be offering courses in organic gardening. For more information you can call Mrs. Füsun Tamer, Manager, Environmental Planning Department, at ext. 2257. Happy Gardening!

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