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Volume 8, Number 21
2 April 2002

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Library Week Celebrated

The annual celebration of Library Week in Turkey is now 38 years old. To celebrate this event, the role of reading in our culture is once again examined. Statistics on literacy are disheartening: although there is a fast growing population in Turkey, the number of individuals who are actually reading books appears to be decreasing.
The 21st century offers mankind a world with many opportunities. Having access to this world depends to a large extent on reading and researching. The Bilkent University Library offers a wonderful opportunity for all Bilkenters to experience the exceptionally thrilling world that lies within a written text; during your university years you should not miss it. Bilkent University Library is the most comprehensive university library in Turkey, and every month hundreds of volumes are added to the book collection, housed on both the Main and East Campuses. The library includes a broad range of journals and articles, with both Turkish and foreign titles represented. It is not just a library of printed materials, however. You can check out CDs, videocassettes, audiocassettes, DVDs, and VCDs from the Audio-Visual collection or watch and listen to them in booths or rooms in the library.
This year’s celebrations, coordinated by the Library Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and the Turkish Librarians’ Association, focus on “Libraries in the March Towards an e-Turkey”.
“We invite all members of the Bilkent community to the ‘Ex-Libris’ Exhibit which is on view in the Main Library exhibit hall until April 5” says Phyllis Erdođan, Vice Rector University Librarian.

Miray Akdađ (COMD/II)

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