Volume 8, Number 22
9 April 2002

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First İhsan Doğramacı Prize for International Relations for Peace Presented

On Wednesday, April 3, a ceremony was held on the occasion of the bestowal of the "İhsan Doğramacı Prize for International Relations for Peace" which was given to Dr. Arne Olav Brundtland, a leading Norwegian scholar in international relations, who has made significant contributions to world peace.
The ceremony began with a speech by Prof. Talat Halman, and continued with a performance by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Rengim Gökmen and Gülsin Onay on piano. Dr. Arne Olav Brundtland was presented his award by Rector Ali Doğramacı, and the ceremony concluded with a speech by Dr. Brundtland. The following is an excerpt from that speech:
"It certainly is an honor and pleasure to be standing here on the occasion of having received the important İhsan Doğramacı prize for international relations for peace. Thank you, Dr. Doğramacı, for taking this important initiative in stimulating the possibilities of peace at a time when your own country might be able to seize so many new possibilities. Thank you for long ago having established this modern and respected university. Thank you also for having promoted the cause of peace through human development in the medical field. It all sums up in the dedication for a better future."

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Students Throw Birthday Party for Hocabey

On the occasion of Professor İhsan Doğramacı's 87th birthday, on April 3, the Tourism Schools organized a birthday celebration at Bilkent Hotel, where a banquet was prepared and served by the students.

At the celebration Prof. Talat Halman, Director of the Turkish Literature Center, read a poem which he wrote for Hocabey's 87th birthday:
At age eighty eight
His dedication and energy are so great
That he continues to work and create
Like a sovereign state

Nominate Your Distinguished Teacher

It is once again time for students to nominate this year's "Distinguished Teachers". Forms are now available in branches of the Bilkent Library, departmental offices, and on the web at http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/ teachaward.html. The form can also be found as an insert in this week's issue of Bilkent News.
Students are urged to nominate one or more faculty members (Instructor, Lecturer, Language Lecturer or Asst./Assoc./Full Professor) whose teaching abilities, they feel, are worthy of praise and recognition. All full-time academic staff of Bilkent University who have been teaching for at least two academic years are eligible for nomination.
The recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Awards for the 2000-2001 academic year were Prof. Dr. İrşadi Aksun (EE), Murat Alkar (MATH), Dr. Sita Annette Schutt (ELIT), and Dr. A. Hamit Sunel (SAL). For recipients of the awards in previous years, visit http://www.provost.bilkent.edu.tr/ odul/tchaward.htm.
Detailed information on the nomination procedure is included in the form. For further information, e-mail teachaward@bilkent.edu.tr or contact the Office of the Vice Rector for Student Affairs at ext. 2748 or 2749.

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