Volume 9, Number 11
10 December 2002

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“Siyaset Meydanı” Broadcasts Live Forum from Campus

“Siyaset Meydanı”, a much respected television forum anchored by Ali Kırca, was broadcasted live from Bilkent University on November 28. The guest of the program was Prime Minister Abdullah Gül.
In the first part of the program, Prime Minister Gül answered questions from Ali Kırca on economics, the government's new program, the EU and Cyprus. The second part was a question and answer period allowing the students to ask numerous questions on the issues of Higher Education, the government's program, and the European Union. Bilkent students also asked questions about President Gül's views on various topics such as the media, tourism, agriculture and transportation policies.

Through “Siyaset Meydanı”, the students had an opportunity to attend a democratic public forum where they could express their ideas and to ask questions directly to Prime Minister Abdullah Gül.

Miray Akdağ (COMD/III)

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Prof. Levent Onural is Elected IEEE Secretary

Prof. Levent Onural, a faculty member in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, has been elected Secretary of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). IEEE is a transnational, technical and professional organization with members and activities throughout the world, and is internationally recognized as the most prestigious organization in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. The IEEE publishes about 100 technical journals and organizes about 1000 technical conferences every year. About one third of all technical publications in this field are produced by the IEEE. Prof. Onural has served the IEEE for many years and is the first Turkish engineer elected to this prestigious position.
Prof. Onural received his PhD degree from the State University of New York (SUNY) and joined Bilkent University in 1987. Prof. Onural and his research team are known for their contributions to digital video, videophone, digital TV, video transmission over the internet, and video databases.

Drs. Metin-Özcan and Sayan Named as Research Fellows of the Economic Research Forum

Kıvılcım Metin-Özcan and Serdar Sayan of the Economics Department were selected as Research Fellows of the “Economic Research Forum (ERF) for the Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey”. The ERF is a non-profit organization, established upon the initiative of a number of international organizations for the purpose of creating an independent, self-sustaining institution to help raise the quality and quantity of economic research relevant to public policy in Arab Countries in the Middle East and the North Africa Region, Iran and Turkey. This initiative led to the establishment of the ERF in 1993, with support from the European Commission, the Ford Foundation, the United Nations Development Program, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the World Bank, and the International Development Research Center in Canada.

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