Volume 9, Number 13
24 December 2002

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BUSEL’s 8th International ELT Conference

This year BUSEL will be holding its 8th International Conference at the Bilkent Hotel between January 23-25. This year’s theme is “Speaking in the Monolingual Classroom: Need for a Fresh Approach?”
The annual BUSEL ELT Conference is now an established event in the ELT world, attracting prominent names from Britain and the USA. The conference provides a rich forum for teachers, lecturers, teacher trainers, researchers, curriculum and testing experts, and educational managers to explore issues and share their views and experiences.
This year there will be over 50 speakers from six different countries, including Britain, and the USA, as well as over 250 participants from four different continents, giving presentations and workshops on diverse topics linked to the theme of teaching language in today’s world. For further information please contact our web site:

Online Registrations for Spring 2003

Course offerings for the Spring 2003 semester are now available on the web at http://stars.bilkent.edu.tr. Spring 2003 online registrations will take place on January 30, 2003 through February 2, 2003.
Appointment times and places are also available on the web. Classes will begin on February 3, 2003.

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International Students Complete Fall Term

The Bilkent University International Center recently organized a “Farewell and New Year’s Party” for Fall Semester Visiting and Exchange students. These students, coming from different countries, said that they all had enjoyed their semester here at Bilkent, both socially and academically.
During their stay, the International Center and Bilkent International Students Club helped the students with the small everyday hurdles that affect individuals living in foreign countries. We look forward to hosting another group of newcomers next semester!

Ekin Pehlivan (IR/IV)

New Finance Training Room Opens

On December 16, the new Finance Training Room, supported by Koç Investment, was opened in the School of Applied Languages, with a ceremony organized by Yatırım Kulübü. The room includes two PC’s with satellite connection and is available to all students interested in searching the financial databases of international and local money markets, exchange markets and capital markets in real time. During the opening ceremony, Nazmi Demir, the head of the Banking and Finance Department, emphasized the importance of the new center for students.
Yatırım Kulübü is planning to organize future educational seminars on how to use and analyze economic data. If you want to know about the stock market or follow the Turkish economy in the Finance Training Room, contact Aslı Göksu at (532) 662-6163 or Zeynep Özmansur at (532) 361-4030. You can also send your e-mail to agoksu@bcc.ug.bilkent.edu.tr.

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