Volume 9, Number 15
4 February 2003

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Register Now for Spring 2003 Sports Courses

The Physical Education and Sports Center affords you the opportunity to participate in a variety of different sports courses. To use any sports facility or to participate in any sports course, all you need to do is show your Bilkent ID card. Registration for Spring 2003 sports courses will take place at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall and Main Campus Sports Hall between February 3-17.
Sports Courses for Spring 2003:
Aerobic / Step / Aikido / Badminton / Basketball / Ball Room and Club Dancing / Capo-eira / Fencing / Fit Boxing / Fitness Strength Training / Ice Skating / Squash / Table Tennis / Taekwondo / Tai Chi / Tennis / Turkish Folk Dancing / Volleyball / Wing-Tsun / Yoga
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Aikido: Aikido is a Japanese martial art focusing not on punching or kicking opponents, but rather on using their own energy to gain control of them. It is not a static art, but places great emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement.
Capo-eira: Capo-eira is a Brazilian Martial Art which possesses a unique style bringing together beauty, power, mental balance, physical conditioning, self-defense and music. Capoeira can be learned by anyone of any age or size.

Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Spring Concerts Start

After a successful Autumn series, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra is opening it’s second half of the season on February 4. The concert will be the first of it’s Brahms Series which will continue through out this season to include all of the composer’s orchestral works.

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Why Not Carpool?

The Carpool program, an alternative mode of transportation to campus, is up and running for the new semester, offered through the Transportation Unit.
Carpooling is an easy way to lower your daily transportation expenses, and also helps to decrease the amount of pollution caused by automobile exhaust. Students or faculty members can register to carpool and find out who else is departing from convenient locations around campus. After registration on the web, participants can choose their fellow carpoolers based on the information provided on the website. The forms you fill out also assure the credibility of both the driver and riders.
Carpooling is not only beneficial for those students who do not have cars, but for car owners as well. Carpooling is cheaper, especially for drivers, since expenses for fuel are shared and the drivers can take turns driving. It is also convenient because everyone can be picked up near the location they desire. Information and registration forms are provided at http://xena.bilkent.edu.tr/~carpool

Time to Add Some Spice to Your Life!

Here is an intriguing way of adding spice to your life: Sports! The more you get involved in sports, the more your social life is enriched and the fitter you will feel and look.
Don’t forget that the Pyhsical Education and Sports Center offers a wide variety of facilities to accommodate the different physical fitness interests of the community. The Student Dormitories Sports Hall houses three squash courts, a fitness room, a table tennis room, two mirrored studios, a running / walkingtrack, which is designed to reduce the risk of injury during activities, and a basketball / volleyball court. The fitness room holds 10 rowing machines, 15 treadmills, 10 stationary bicycles, 3 cross trainers, 6 steppers and various kinds of weight lifting equipment.
For any questions and more information call the Student Dormitories Sports Hall at ext. 1651 or 1993. Be part of the action and come join your friends at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall.

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