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Volume 9, Number 23
8 April 2003

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Letter to the Editor...

Dear Editor,
Although in the past I have had a hard time believing that the complaints of students written to the editor could ever be effective in solving problems around campus, I have recently started to be convinced that letters may be effective, and so I decided to write two complaints of my own about the BCC labs.
In our economics lessons, we use the “e-Views” program that the university says it bought with the license, and claims to have installed in the BCC labs. However, last week when I went to the labs to work on my e-Views, in 12 attempts I failed to find a single properly working e-views program.
I strongly believe that in many of the remaining computers, the program was also not working. What I am asking is: what is the meaning of having a licensed program if it will not work on the computers? I hope BCC will solve this problem. Another problem about the BCC labs is that most of the students are talking on their mobile phones inside the labs. Even now while I am writing this letter to you, 3 students are taking loudly on their mobile phones and seem not to care whether or not they are disturbing other people. In the past, the BCC administration was more sensitive on that issue, but I don’t see this issue as being important to them anymore. I hope this problem will be addressed in the near future.
Thank you,

Yaşar Kemal Yılmaz (ECON/IV)

Response to the Letter:
Dear Yılmaz,
As you have indicated in your letter, e-Views is a licensed product and its license is controlled by a license manager program running on a licensed server.
It is most likely that there was a malfunction with the licensed server when you experienced the problem. We strongly recommend that next time you experience problems like this, you contact the systems operators with a brief explanation of the problem and the full text of any error messages.
Regarding the mobile phone users in the labs, we at BCC are still warning mobile phone users when we see them using their phones in the BCC labs, but we would very much like to see BCC lab users refraining on their own from answering calls they receive or making calls when they are in the labs. We thank you for bringing these issues to our attention.

Can Uğur Ayfer,
Asst. Director, BCC

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