Volume 9, Number 23
8 April 2003

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Students Host Birthday Party for Prof. Doğramacı

The School of Tourism organized a birthday celebration on the occasion of Professor İhsan Doğramacı’s 88th birthday at the “Le Piment Rouge” Restaurant. A banquet was prepared and served by the students of the Tourism Department, who were extremely happy to prepare the dishes and serve their honored guests.

Prof. Doğramacı thanked all the students and the guests and said that he hoped to see everyone back for his coming birthdays.

Jacques Loussier and the Pekinels Perform at Bilkent

A classical jazz trio led by Jacques Loussier performed to a full house at the Bilkent Concert Hall last Wednesday evening. Their interpretation of Bach and Vivaldi, with three pianos, bass, and drums, was enthusiastically embraced by the entire audience. The concert was organized through the efforts of Mehmet Başman,
Sevgi Başman, and their Sevda Cenap and Foundation as part of the Ankara Music Festival.
Jacques Loussier began playing piano at the age of ten. When Loussier was only 16, he was admitted to the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique in Paris. In 1959 he hit upon the idea that was to make his international reputation: combining his interest in jazz with his love of J.S. Bach.
Loussier thereupon founded the Play Bach Trio, which used Bach’s compositions as the basis for jazz improvisations. The Trio was reformed in 1985 with two new members, André Arpino, considered one of Europe’s master drummers, and bass player Benoit Dunoyer de Segonzac.

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Distinguished Teacher Nominations in Progress

It is that time of the year for students to nominate their candidates for the “Distinguished Teacher Awards” for 2002-2003. Nomination Forms are now available in branches of the Bilkent Library, in dormitories, all departments and as an insert in this issue of the Bilkent News. Nearly 3500 nomination forms have been mailed to alumni as well.
You can also nominate your distinguished teacher online at the following internet address: http://www.bilkent.edu.tr
Details have been e-mailed already to all students.
Students are urged to nominate one or more faculty members (Instructor, Lecturer, Language Lecturer or Asst./Assoc./Full Professor) whose teaching abilities, they feel, are worthy of praise and recognition. All full-time academic staff of Bilkent University who have been teaching for at least two academic years are eligible for nomination. Nominations will close on April 25, 2003, but feel free to put your vote in early.
The recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Awards for the 2001-2002 academic year were Prof. Dr. Erinç Yeldan (ECON), Dr. Ceyhun Bulutay (PHYS), Dr. Serdar Güner (IR), and Inst. Yener Ergüven (THM).
For recipients of the awards in previous years, visit http://www.provost.bilkent.edu.tr

Detailed information on the nomination procedure is included in the form. For further information, e-mail teachaward@bilkent.edu.tr or contact the Office of the Vice Rector for Student Affairs at ext. 2748 or 2749 or e-mail to oiry@bilkent.edu.tr.

Bilkent Plays Başkent in Men’s Angora Cup Finals

The Angora Cup, which is the first special Inter-University Basketball tournament organized in Ankara, came to an exciting conclusion on Sunday, April 6 with the highly competitive finals between Sabancı and METU women’s and Bilkent and Başkent men’s teams. The Başkent, Bilkent, Hacettepe, Koç, METU and Sabancı University basketball teams participated in an electrifying four days of tournament competition here at Bilkent between April 3-6.
The Bilkent men’s basketball team played the final game against Başkent after beating Sabancı in the opening round of the tournament, and METU in the following round. The Angora Cup goes to the Sabancı (women's) and Başkent (men's) teams. Here are the final results:
1- Başkent
2- Bilkent
3- Hacettepe
4- Sabancı
1- Sabancı
3- Bilkent
4- Koç

A complete list of scores for all of the games follows:
Bilkent - Sabancı (Men’s): 68 - 53
Bilkent Sabancı (Women’s): 27 - 54
Koç - METU (Women’s): 36 - 41
Başkent - Koç (Men’s): 70 - 60
Bilkent - METU (Women’s): 34 - 38
Koç - Sabancı (Women’s): 35 - 52
Bilkent - METU (Men’s): 82 - 69
Başkent - Hacettepe (Men’s): 82 - 71
METU - Sabancı (Women’s): 30 - 51
Bilkent - Koç (Women’s): 41 - 37
Sabancı - METU (Men’s): 67- 61
Hacettepe - Koç (Men’s): 68 - 57
Hacettepe - Sabancı (Men’s): 53 - 51
METU - Sabancı (Women’s): 47 - 50
Bilkent - Başkent (Men’s): 77 - 82

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