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Volume 9, Number 6
30 October 2002

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;
Like most students studying at Bilkent, I use the library resources quite often. Our library is quite rich in resources, but when it comes to copying one or two pages, the struggle begins. Because we are not allowed to take many of the documents outside the library - for example the ones in the reserve section - we are forced in many cases to use the copy room in the library. This is an unfair monopoly.
During weekdays, every time I remove a document from the reserve section, it takes at least half an hour to have it copied. The problem is not only that the number of the photocopy machines is inadequate compared to the demand of the students, but also a lack of attention amongst the workers. I believe the main reason they do not improve their quality of service is that they have nobody to compete with. Another problem that arises from this monopoly is unnecessarily high prices compared to many places in the city.
One solution might be to add more photocopy machines, which students may use themselves, (with printing quotas), or opening another photocopy room in the library with a different manager.

Engin Manav (EE/IV)

Response to the Letter:

While we understand the frustration of waiting in line for photocopies, we must point out that at the busiest times (noon and immediately before and after) a minimum of six people are on duty, each at a photocopy machine. Complaints about individual employees are evaluated and if necessary the person is warned to improve his behavior. Since there are three other photocopy services at Bilkent, we do not understand how we can be a “monopoly”. In fact there is a fourth copy center, in the Fine Arts Faculty, where color photocopies cost 50% more than in the library.
Prices are set with the approval of the library. Although none of them operate 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. as we do, and although they employ fewer people, nevertheless Başkent and Hacettepe Libraries, as well as YÖK and ULAKBIM, all charge 50,000 TL per A4 page. Photocopies in the city, which are not the principal source of income for those shops, cost anywhere from 35,000 to 85,000 TL.

Abdullah Koskos
Photocopy Manager

Note from the library: Materials are put on reserve at the request of faculty in order to make them available to the greatest number of students in the shortest space of time. Therefore they are not permitted to leave the library, which would lead to delays in their return.

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