Volume 9, Number 6
30 October 2002

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79th Anniversary of the Republic

October 29, 1923 marks the beginning of the Modern Turkish Republic, which was founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
This week we celebrated the 79th anniversary of the birth of the Republic.
Here are a few quotes from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, translated and compiled by Prof. Talat Halman:

“Only through education a nation achieves the high status of a free, independent and esteemed society.”

“The new Turkish Society, with her new alphabet, national history, her own purified language, her science and music, her technological institutions, with her women and men equal in all their rights - is the work of the past few years.”

“High achievement in the fine arts is the most decisive proof that all reforms have succeeded. What a pity about those nations who fail to accomplish this.” “In order for honor, dignity, honesty and humanity to take shape and to survive in a nation, it is essential for that nation to enjoy freedom and independence.”

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Prof. İnalcık Honored by the Republic of Hungary

On October 17 Prof. Dr. Halil İnalcık of the History Department was presented Hungary’s distinguished “Order of Merit” medal from the President of Hungary himself, Frenc Madl, in a ceremony held at the Hungarian embassy.
In his presentation speech Professor G. Hazai introduced Professor İnalcık thus: “Over the course of a career of scholarship and teaching that spans some sixty years Professor Halil İnalcık has been recognized as one the great figures in the field of history. Without overstatement it can be said that Professor İnalcık has exerted a great influence over the whole field of history, and continues to do so today.

Bilkent Artists in Muenster

Samples of work by academic staff and students from the Department of Fine Arts are now being exhibited at the International Arts Festival in Muenster, Germany.

"The Apple Tree" by Zekiye Sarıkartal

The International Arts Festival has been organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Muenster, along with the University of Applied Sciences, Bilkent University, Mimar Sinan University and Anadolu University, since 1999. This year the Exhibition begin on October 24 and will continue through November 10.
"Gılgamısh" by Ahmet Özsalar, Seramic Mural

Among the participants are faculty members Zekiye Sarıkartal, Ahmet Özsalar, and Ercan Sağlam. Their works are presented in an exhibition entitled “Encounter”. Works by graduate students Başak Kaptan, Erdem Yücel, and Kutlu Güreli are being shown in a different exhibition entitled “Meeting.”

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