10th Anniversary of TRIN Students Building Websites for Bilkent University

16 February 2015 Comments Off on 10th Anniversary of TRIN Students Building Websites for Bilkent University

Since 2005, students in TRIN 371 (a web page-building course given by Erin Maloney, instructor in the Department of Banking and Finance) have been building websites for various entities on the Bilkent campus.

During the fall of 2014, 14 students from the Department of Translation and Interpretation built websites for the following:

• Department of Banking and Finance: personal websites for Dr. Nazmi Demir and Dr. Nihat Solakoğlu

• Department of Translation and Interpretation (with guidance from Dr. Şerife Dalbudak)

• Department of Turkish Literature’s Kanat News Bulletin (with guidance from graduate student Hakan Kumru)

• Faculty of Science (with guidance from Dr. Özgün Ünlü, Department of Mathematics)

• Masters in Conference Interpreting (with guidance from Dr. Şirin Okyayuz)

“Each year, I am amazed at the quality of work produced by the students,” said Ms. Maloney. “Just when I think the websites can’t get any better, the students surprise me with innovative ideas. While they learn from me, I also definitely learn from them.”

On February 6, students in the course celebrated their achievements with the 4th Annual WPWP (Web Page Wassail Party) in the home of Ms. Maloney and Dr. Jacques Morin (Department of Archaeology).

To see these and other websites built by students in TRIN 371 through the years, people can visit Ms. Maloney’s web page at http://maloney.bilkent .edu.tr /rWebPages.htm.

In the photo, from left to right:

Kaan Çirasun, Metehan Altuntaş, Selin Ege, Deniz Yücedağ, İpek Kıvanç, Gökçe Paksoy, Merve Yıldırım, Öykü Umur, Yağmursu Deniz, Ekin Emre, Aytül Güldes, Aybars Çalışkan, Erin Maloney and Yoda (the cat) – also in the project, but unable to attend WPWP were Makbule Karaaslan and French exchange student Bünyamin Aydın.