Spring Swim Challenge Concludes

26 April 2022 Comments Off on Spring Swim Challenge Concludes

The 2022 Spring Swim Challenge held by the Physical Education and Sports Center as part of its Sports as a Way of Life program ended this month. During the four weeks of the challenge, 42 Bilkenters swam on a regular basis, receiving 5 points for each session in the pool; 24 participants succeeded in collecting 120 or more points.

The goal of the Sports Center’s Fitness and Swim Challenges, both of which take place each semester, is to encourage students to exercise and stay fit, laying the foundation for lifelong good health habits.

The participants who ended up with the most points in this year’s Spring Swim Challenge are listed below.


1. Miri Besken

2. Yasemin Yüksel Altıntaş

3. Monireh Rahiminejat



1. Atakan Cengiz, Ege Bora Oral

2. Yusuf Taha Sarı

3. Erdem Köse