8 Games You Should Give a Chance

11 February 2020 Comments Off on 8 Games You Should Give a Chance

The PC world is huge; it encompasses virtual identities, money, stories, politics, art and many other things. It basically evolved to satisfy many different human needs, one of which was to simply have fun. People from every age group have always found ways to have fun in real life, with each group inventing and sharing their different games. But when it came to playing on the personal computer, we’ve learned to speak in its unique language, based on zeros and ones. In return, the PC gives the player a character, a story, an aim, sounds, visuals and, most importantly, a chance to be a legend. We find this appealing because “legends never die,” and a part of us wants to experience the victory and immortality that we won’t be able to have in real life.

We smile, we get angry, we frown, we suffer anguish, we get scared, we fall in love. We live different lives while playing computer games, and that’s what keeps us playing. I hope you play these “not so famous but deserve to be” games too, and enjoy them.

Life Is Strange
This game is one of my all-time favorites, and is based on the “butterfly effect,” where small actions lead to greatly different outcomes. The story begins when our main character Max, a young but extremely clever, mature girl, discovers that she has a supernatural ability: rewinding time. Throughout the game, we discover the dark side of the neighborhood where her high school is located. Max faces many obstacles and uses her rewinding ability to solve problems, learn secrets and save people. But the game keeps reminding you that all of your choices, and therefore Max’s actions, are going to have consequences; it has many different endings based on the choices you make. The soundtrack is really beautiful, and the graphics and colors of the game are very pleasing to the eye.

Here’s a darker game: “Frostpunk.” Do you like apocalypses and dystopic scenerios? If so, this game is for you. But in this case, the danger facing humanity is not aliens, zombies or any other imaginary beings. It’s frost. In the game, the world experiences a kind of ice age. Before the frost comes, scientists foresee the apocalypse and build giant heaters in several locations. You’re the leader of a group of people who migrate to the area around one of those heaters and begin a new life there. Over time, people try to build a civilization by establishing health centers, digging mines, constructing oil extraction machines, using hot air balloons for exploration, etc. You learn to manage the problems that occur within the group and try to satisfy its members by doing this well. The dark, hopeless atmosphere and sound effects make this game even better.

“Undertale” is probably the funniest game you could ever play. When I first started playing, I thought the simple design in big pixels would bore me immediately. But as I kept playing, I saw that the game was lovely this way, with its comical dialogues, little puzzles, interesting soundtrack and funny storyline.

Richard and Alice
“Richard and Alice” is also a pixelated game, simple yet beautiful. The game begins in a jail during, again, a period of abnormal cold. Two criminals, Richard and Alice, start breaking the ice between them by slowly telling each other their stories, and slowly, you find yourself in the middle of a heavy drama. As you discover Alice’s devastating story, you start reexamining your own perspective on right and wrong.

Papers, Please
Being a public officer in charge of your state’s border security has never been more fun! In the game, all you do is sit inside a booth on the border and approve or reject immigrants’ entrance documents. Don’t worry if this sounds boring or monotonous – it’s not, because the government keeps changing the documents required, criminals try to get in, bombings occur, people offer you bribes, and sometimes you help people get in even if the requirements aren’t met. Your actions have consequences, as always.

Her Story
“Her Story” is quite interesting, because it includes real videos featuring an actress. In the game, you watch videos of the interrogation of a woman whose husband is missing and try to solve the case by using clues from the videos and other sources. The game has received many awards, since it’s unique in its category; these include a Game Award for Best Performance for the actress, Viva Seifert. So, let us be Sherlocks!

“Detroit” was first released as a PS4 game, but now a PC version also exists. This game is about the relationship between artificial intelligence and humanity. Since we all wonder what a future with AI and other advanced technologies will look like, it’s really interesting. The story takes place in the future, where androids are used as slaves and humans start torturing them. We watch the story from the perspectives of three androids simultaneously and make decisions. The main question is: Can AI develop feelings?

“Anno” is a bit different from the games above, since it’s a strategy–city building series. The main objective of the game is to build a city that meets the public’s needs and requests, so that you can collect taxes from them. Throughout the game, you can get into wars, conduct trade, construct buildings, etc.; in short, you design your city in your own way.