A Brand-New 12 Months

18 December 2017 Comments Off on A Brand-New 12 Months


This year is almost over. Days became weeks, weeks became months, and finally, months are becoming a year. There is a holiday coming up, new plans, hopes and lives….We’ll be celebrating that night in the best way we can. But then, we’ll be starting a new page of our lives.
Everybody has resolutions for the new year. It’s an amazing opportunity to recover from the failures of last year; at the very least, it appears to be the start of new hopes.
According to surveys, there are several topics that people focus on in their New Year’s resolutions. They can be listed as follows: losing weight; being healthier; feeling happier; looking better; having more friends and more fun. However, you should not feel limited by those topics. Your resolutions can relate to anything that you might want to do in the new year. You might consider your past mistakes, remedy them, and prevent further ones. You might reconsider your previous plans, and if you don’t like them anymore, you can change them.
But a new year doesn’t mean a new you. Don’t try to change yourself; love yourself as you are, with all of your faults and virtues. Look in the mirror and be objective. Don’t hate, judge or criticize. Only be aware, because the only thing that really matters is you. Being yourself is enough to have a good new year. As soon as you love yourself, you’ll love everything around you, and will easily give up on things that are harmful.
You have a brand-new 12 months ahead. You have enough time to be you, to improve yourself, to succeed in your plans. Don’t ever forget that you’re special and important, and so should be proud and happy.

Ideas for Celebrating the New Year

Formal events: There are many restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels that organize formal events for New Year’s Eve. You can wear your most stylish clothes and have an enjoyable night out with your family or friends. There will be good music, a delicious meal and amazing conversation. If you’re interested in going to one of these events, don’t forget to purchase your seats in advance.
Outdoor parties: This type of celebration has been more common in other countries but is starting to show up in Turkey, too. Street celebrations are fun, with live musicians, DJs, fireworks, bonfires, dancing and friends.
Going out for dinner: It doesn’t matter who you’re with – a good dinner will make a nice start for the new year. Also, many restaurants will probably have special menus, dishes and drinks for New Year’s, so it might be both fun and delicious to spend the evening that way. If you’re planning to do so, be sure to choose your favorite restaurant and book your places early, before it’s full.
House party: If you enjoy listening to music and being with friends, you might want to organize your own house party. Or, if one of your friends has already organized one, you can go and have a lot of fun.
Peace at home: Your home will be the most peaceful and relaxing place to spend the evening if you like quiet times and parties aren’t important to you. You could have a nice dinner with your friends and family, and enjoy conversation, games and movies.
Don’t forget to watch the fireworks!!!
Don’t forget to decorate a pine tree, as a tradition.
Choose special gifts for your loved ones.