A Closer Look at Radio Bilkent

10 December 2018 Comments Off on A Closer Look at Radio Bilkent

Think about a large tree with lots of branches that are full of leaves. Applying that image to the operation of Radio Bilkent, the leaves correspond to the staff members, while the branches, which together form the tree, represent the station’s units.

Radio Bilkent’s two main units, Broadcasting and Public Relations, are divided into subunits: Music, News, Content Creation and Management, and Production fall under Broadcasting, while Public Relations includes Organization, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, and Design.

It is the complementary efforts of the Broadcasting and Public Relations staff members, working together, that make the daily operation of Radio Bilkent possible.


The Music unit is responsible for creating playlists and for the Drive Time and Generation broadcasts. Some members of the unit also prepare and host their own special programs. The Music staff is made up of DJs who have received diction training during their instruction period, enabling them to communicate effectively with listeners.


The members of this unit prepare and broadcast Radio Bilkent’s news bulletins, in which the station endeavors to present the latest developments from Turkey and the world to the radio audience in an impartial manner. The members of the News unit also receive diction training, as well as instruction in various technical aspects of broadcasting. Aside from the regular bulletins, the staff also contributes special programs to enrich the broadcast stream.

Content Creation and Management

This unit is responsible for creating any type of content-related material, and also handles communication with print media to help advertise Radio Bilkent. Each week the staff prepares content to be used for the Drive Time program, which they also manage. This unit is in addition responsible for the Radio Bilkent website, providing articles for it on a weekly basis, and manages the station’s social media accounts. Yet another area of responsibility is the newly established Radio Bilkent YouTube channel; its contents are developed by Content Creation and Management staffers, who encourage you to subscribe to their channel!


The Production unit is responsible for the sound quality of the broadcasts; it also enables the development of the station’s broadcasting both technically and in terms of music. Members of this unit prepare all audio materials, which includes recording interviews as well as producing music programs, special programs, advertising spots, etc.


The Organization unit organizes parties and other events and activities for Bilkent students, such as the Open-Air Movie Night, GE100 activities and Spring Fest events. They also coordinate internal station events such as barbecues, breakfasts and movie nights at the station. They note that they’re working hand-in-hand with the Sales and Marketing unit to provide bigger and better events for everyone!

Sales and Marketing

The Sales and Marketing unit obtains sponsors for Radio Bilkent, conducts its promotions and arranges meetings. It also takes part in promoting events. This unit works to increase the station’s resources and ensure their efficient use. It also coordinates the activities to be sponsored by Radio Bilkent.

Human Resources

The Human Resources unit organizes and supervises the station’s operation. The members of this unit evaluate the performance of other staffers and give them feedback; they also hold seminars and meetings to increase motivation. In addition, Human Resources oversees the training process for new Radio Bilkent staff members.


The Design unit is responsible for the visual publicizing of events and special programs organized or broadcast by Radio Bilkent. It designs the visual elements of printed items such as banners, flyers and tickets, as well as social media visuals.