All About Clubs: The Law Careers Club

23 November 2021 Comments Off on All About Clubs: The Law Careers Club

In this new feature, “All About Clubs and Societies,” Bilkent News is highlighting a different student club or society each issue.The Law Careers Club (Hukukta Kariyer Kulübü) was established in 2012 to encourage scientific and social studies centered on the law, and to organize law-related events for university students.

Among the events held by the club are lunchtime seminars, where guest speakers from the legal profession discuss topics that often focus on national or international issues of current interest, and so attract attendance from students in many other departments as well as Law.

In addition to the lunch break events, the club organizes a symposium, a Law Careers Summit, a Law Students Forum and a Koç–Galatasaray–Bilkent Workshop every year.

At the symposium, lawyers and/or academics share their knowledge about a specific topic with attendees. The Law Careers Summit hosts lawyers from different specializations, who describe their experiences and offer advice about career choices to law students from Bilkent and other universities.

During the Law Students Forum, lawyers and academics meet with law students to share their knowledge about many different topics. Last year more than 600 students from 62 universities participated in the forum.

At the Koç–Galatasaray–Bilkent Workshop, students and faculty from those three universities come together to discuss a specific topic, with presentations by both academics and students.

In addition to holding events, the club publishes a law journal, Sine Qua Non. The journal features articles by individuals at different stages of their careers – including students, academics, lawyers and members of the judiciary system – in languages including Turkish, English and German.

This year the Law Careers Club also held a competition to select the best article on IT Law by a law student.

To learn about the club’s events, please follow its social media accounts – Instagram @hukuktakariyer, – and feel free to ask any questions you may have.