All About Clubs: Ultimate Frisbee Society

30 November 2021 Comments Off on All About Clubs: Ultimate Frisbee Society

In this new feature, “All About Clubs and Societies,” Bilkent News is highlighting a different student club or society each issue.We are the Bilkent Ultimate Frisbee Society. Our team, the oldest in Ankara, is called The Goats, named both after the famous animal of Ankara and because we consider ourselves the “Greatest Of All Time” in our sport. Our society has members from many departments and backgrounds. Despite these differences and the fact that we also engage in many other disc sports, we all share the same passion for Ultimate Frisbee, which, surprising to many, is a real and very competitive sport! Ultimate Frisbee was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 2015 and has been played in Turkey competitively in a mixed-gender collegiate league since 2009. Playing Ultimate, of course, involves throwing a disc, the Frisbee, but it also involves sprinting, jumping, diving, team communication and in general, lots of fun. We train, play matches, participate in tournaments, and hang out and socialize with and without a disc. So if you want to play Ultimate Frisbee, train hard, get some good exercise, play in matches and compete with other teams in Turkey, and, most importantly, have fun and socialize with a diverse group of students, join us. See you at the field!