Ancient Anatolian Jewelry’s Story Unveiled by Thomas Zimmermann

03 November 2014 Comments Off on Ancient Anatolian Jewelry’s Story Unveiled by Thomas Zimmermann


On October 23, the Bilkent University Library presented the first Library Lunchtime Lecture of this academic year. The lecture, which took place in the Main Library Art Gallery, was given by Asst. Prof. Thomas Zimmermann. A graduate of the University of Regensburg in Germany, where he studied pre- and protohistory, European ethnology and Classical archaeology, Dr. Zimmerman joined Bilkent University in 2003, where he now works as a faculty member and acting chair of the Department of Archaeology.

In his lecture, Dr. Zimmermann spoke about the production of ancient Anatolian jewelry from its beginnings in 19,000 BCE, taking the audience on a journey through prehistory. He began the story with the creation of tools and weapons during the earliest centuries. A slide show containing many images permitted the audience to view the evolution of jewelry production, from the simplest to more elaborate designs. Dr. Zimmermann also described the various techniques that were used and their development over time.

As for the title of the lecture, “All That Glitters Is Not Gold, Nor All That Sparkles Silver,” it referred to the fact that ancient Anatolian jewelry was made by combining various metals: it is not “pure gold” or “pure silver,” even though it may look like it.

This first Lunchtime Lecture of the semester was a great success, drawing a large audience to the Art Gallery. Since sandwiches and drinks are provided to attendees, the lecture series succeeds in combining lunchtime with informative and entertaining presentations.