Ankara Startup Summit

08 February 2016 Comments Off on Ankara Startup Summit

The Bilkent Young Entrepreneurs Club will be holding the 8th Ankara Startup Summit on February 27-28 at the Bilkent Concert Hall. The goal of this annual event is to encourage Internet entrepreneurship in Ankara. This year’s Ankara Startup Summit has been publicized at more than 40 universities and will welcome 800 participants from all over Turkey. The two-day summit is one of the country’s largest university-based entrepreneurship events.

On the first day, CEOs and upper-level managers of some of the largest companies in Turkey will offer their insights. The second day will feature inspirational talks by successful entrepreneurs, and a panel discussion by investors. Following that, the eight applicants whose startup ideas were selected as the best among those submitted from across Turkey will present their projects.

At present, two of the startups from previous summits are working in Silicon Valley, and the value of all startups from the summit to date is more than 130 million Turkish liras—an indicator of its direct effect on the Turkish economy. The Ankara Startup Summit has also been written up in many business magazines such as Fortune Turkey, Turkishtime, Capital and Platin, and newspapers such as Sabah and Dünya.

For those who wish to submit projects for consideration, the application period has started; the deadline is Friday, February 12.

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