ARCH Exhibition Spotlights Student Works

21 March 2017 Comments Off on ARCH Exhibition Spotlights Student Works

On Tuesday, March 12, an exhibition of works by Department of Architecture students opened in the FADA Exhibition Hall. Titled “Spotlights,” the exhibition comprises studio projects completed by students at all levels of the ARCH program.

Selected for display by course coordinators and instructors, the projects offer an overview of the department’s curriculum – ranging from creating abstract geometric shapes and manipulating built forms and spaces to implementing urban complexes onsite – while at the same time demonstrating the process of learning, growth and achievement experienced by students.

The title “Spotlights” refers not only to the use of this key equipment for mounting an exhibition, but also to the role of the works themselves in projecting students’ passion for their profession as they prepare for the future. “Today’s spotlights will be tomorrow’s streetlights delivering enlightenment to the world’s citizenry,” remarked the exhibition’s curator, Asst. Prof. Chiu Chen-Yu.

The exhibition will remain open through Wednesday, March 22, weekdays 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.